Neither the Kingdom Economic Yearly Summit (KEYS), Gill Ministries, or Venture Advisers Inc., bear any responsibility or liability for the Companies and/or Ministries represented at KEYS, or for any investments made in such Companies and/or Ministries, or for the individuals presenting there as panelists and/or speakers, and any views and/or remarks and/or opinions and/or information presented at KEYS by such panelists and/or speakers are the sole responsibility of such individuals. No Solicitations of any type are permitted during or as part of KEYS, and past performance is no indication or predictor of future earnings. Individuals should consult their attorneys, accountants, and/or financial and legal advisors before making any investment of any kind, or signing subscription documents of any kind, and should only invest if they are accredited or qualified investors as defined by the SEC or FINRA, and can stand to lose their entire investment, and only after prayer and thorough due diligence.